A studio with atmosphere

Studio Hire is a recording studio based in Ottersberg, northern Germany. Since 1995, we've recorded and produced over 500 projects, ranging from full artist album productions and tailored songwriting, through radio/TV works, to international live streaming events. Our large live room with stage is also often used as a concert venue. The studio offers large spaces for recording all kinds of musical genres. Bring your project to life in a warm, supportive and creative environment.

Studio Hire is an Apple Certified Digital Mastering studio.

Christian Mayntz

Recording engineer, music producer, live sound engineer, musician and songwriter. Founder and owner of Studio Hire.



Just to name a few…

Alexa Feser         Alex Christensen         Amos Fleur         Annie's Style         ARD         Aron L Flow         Axel Merseburger         Beatrice Egli         Big Daddy Wilson         Bo Heart & Friends         Bremer Kaffeehaus Orchester         Carlotta Truman         Cladatje         Dad Horse Ottn         Deutschlandfunk         Dictionary Of Funk         Ellen Atwood         Falanx         Helge Burggrabe         Ingo Höricht         Joe Barnickel         Jörg Seidel         Kai Strauss & The Electric Blues All-Stars         Klaus Fey         Klaus Lage         Laila Richter         Lou Dynia         Max Buskohl         MEA         Meilentaucher         Mellow Melange         Micha Kedings Gospel Connection         Monday Monkeys         Musica Innova         One Drop Collective         Quintett Klaire         Return         Rhya         Rovar         Sarah Straub         Schné Ensemble         Shelter         Sonix Creative         Starwatch Prosieben Sat1         Susan Albers         Swingin Fireballs         The Bluesanovas         The Last Ship         The Nanny’s Big Band         The Unbelievables         Thorsten Plath         Timeless         Van Dyck Inc         Wildes Blech         Winehouze         Yamaha Music        

Equipment & Instruments

Microphone Pre Amps and analogue mixing desk

Neve 1073
Heritage Audio 73 JR & 73 EQ JR
Chandler Limited Little Devil Pre Amp
Chandler Limited Germ 500
Chandler Limited TG2
Universal Audio 610
Universal Audio LA610
Inline Console
with Automation
and Total Recall
26 Microphone Pre Amps


Focal Twin 6 Be
Auratone 5c
Magis Farfield Big Betty
with Magis Amp TPA 180
Heritage Audio RAM 5000 Monitoring System

Converters & DAW

Lynx Studio Aurora(n) 32 Ch I/O Thunderbolt
Lynx Aurora 16 Dante
Apogee Rosetta 200
Universal Audio Apollo x4
Nuendo 12
Pro Tools
Wavelab 11
Avid S1 Control Surface 16 Faders

Outboard Effects

API 2500 Stereo Compressor
Teletronix/Magis LA2A
Universal Audio 2-1176
Universal Audio 6176
Universal Audio LA610
Avalon U5
SPL Transient Designer 4
Urei LA 22
TLA CV1 Compressor
Lexicon M300
Eventide H3000 D/SE
Ensonic DP4+
Lexicon PCM90
TC D-Two

Analogue Tape Recorder

Tascam ATR80
2“ analog, 24 Tracks
mit Dolby SR
Locator und Remote
Telefunken 2 Track


Neumann M149
Neumann U69
Neumann Gefell CMV563
Tul Microphones F47
Tul Microphones V2
Tul Microphones T12
Tul Microphones G12 retro
AKG C414
Royer R121
Royer R101
Sennheiser MKH8000
Schoeps BLM6
Rode Classic (Neumann K47
Capsulel, Andreas Grosser Mod.)
Audix SCX25
Pearlman TM-1
Neumann KM184
Neumann TLM103
Shure SM57
Shure SM58
Sennheiser MD421 & MD441
Audix i5, D6, D2, D4


Yamaha C7X SH Grand Piano
Fender Rhodes MKI
Yamaha 900 Drumset
Music Man StingRay5
Fender Precision Bass 1968
Ashdown evo500 Bassamp
Seiler Upright Piano
Yamaha Acoustic Guitar
many different Amps and
Instruments available on demand


kontakt [at] studiohire.de


+49 172 4549652
+49 4205 8328


Alter Weg 1, Ottersberg, Germany

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